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NBCC Announces The Breast Cancer Deadline 2020
An End to Breast Cancer by January 1, 2020

Breast Cancer Deadline 2020

The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) has declared January 1, 2020 as the deadline to end breast cancer, it was announced today by Fran Visco, President of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. This unprecedented initiative, Breast Cancer Deadline 2020, is NBCC's call to action for all policymakers, researchers and scientists to end breast cancer over the next decade, by January 1, 2020.

Widely known as the most respected and influential non-profit breast cancer organization in the nation, NBCC is developing a strategic, innovative and integrative plan for the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020. To that end, NBCC has engaged a network of scientists, researchers, and health care providers as well as its vast coalition of breast cancer advocates who support the initiative. Annual reports of progress toward the deadline will be issued to hold NBCC and all stakeholders accountable.

NBCC President Fran Visco discusses Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 in these YouTube videos:

"The National Breast Cancer Coalition declared a mission 20 years ago—an end to breast cancer, and we will settle for no less. We can't count on hope as a strategy to end breast cancer. NBCC has always challenged the status quo and we've had many successes. Now, we are developing a global strategic plan with the focus on ending breast cancer by 2020," said NBCC's President, Fran Visco.

NBCC has begun the development of a five-year strategic plan for a preventive breast cancer vaccine as its first initiative under the deadline campaign.

Since its inception, NBCC has been on the front lines to end breast cancer, bringing more than $2.5 billion in federal funding to breast cancer research. NBCC makes certain those funds are spent on the right research by challenging and changing systems that over the years have created barriers to innovation and by approaching complex problems differently. NBCC has been successful in its fight for access to treatment for low income and uninsured women and quality health care for all. Join NBCC, learn more and take action, visit:


About the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC): The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) is dedicated to ending breast cancer by 2020 through the power of grassroots action and advocacy. NBCC increases funding for breast cancer research; monitors how those funds are spent; expands access to quality health care for all; and ensures that trained advocates influence all decision making that impacts breast cancer.

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