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BCN News Articles for: January 30, 2015

  • Many Women with Breast Cancer Have Poor Knowledge about their Condition
  • Racial/ethnic disparities in knowledge about one's breast cancer characteristics
  • Mindfulness-based cancer recovery and supportive-expressive therapy maintain telomere length relative to controls in distressed breast cancer survivors
  • Significant clinical impact of recurrent BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in Mexico
  • Changes in PgR and Ki-67 in residual tumour and outcome of breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  • The evaluation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in breast cancer: recommendations by an International TILs Working Group 2014
  • Availability of Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Services for Patients With Cancer Undergoing Treatment at Comprehensive Cancer Centers
  • Models of Cancer Survivorship Care: Overview and Summary of Current Evidence
  • How cancer turns good cells to the dark side
  • Jagged-Delta asymmetry in Notch signaling can give rise to a Sender/Receiver hybrid phenotype
  • Lung Cancer Predicted to Overtake Breast Cancer as Leading Cause of Cancer Death Among European Women in 2015
  • European cancer mortality predictions for the year 2015: does lung cancer have the highest death rate in EU women?
  • New model better predicts breast cancer risk in African American women
  • Prospective Approach to Breast Cancer Risk Prediction in African American Women: The Black Women's Health Study Model
  • Informing women with breast cancer about endocrine therapy: effects on knowledge and adherence
  • Neoadjuvant treatment with docetaxel plus lapatinib, trastuzumab, or both followed by an anthracycline-based chemotherapy in HER2-positive breast cancer: results of the randomised phase II EORTC 10054 study
  • Subcutaneous versus intravenous formulation of trastuzumab for HER2-positive early breast cancer: updated results from the phase III HannaH study
  • Zoledronic acid combined with adjuvant endocrine therapy of tamoxifen versus anastrozol plus ovarian function suppression in premenopausal early breast cancer: final analysis of the Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group Trial 12
  • Psychiatric implications of cancer genetic testing
  • What Keeps Oncologists From Addressing Palliative Care Early on With Incurable Cancer Patients? An Active Stance Seems Key
  • Patients dismissing 'trivial' symptoms could delay cancer diagnosis
  • Help seeking for cancer `alarm' symptoms: a qualitative interview study of primary care patients in the UK
  • NUS study shows promising use of nanodiamonds in delivering cancer drug to kill chemoresistant cancer stem cells more effectively
  • Epirubicin-Adsorbed Nanodiamonds Kill Chemoresistant Hepatic Cancer Stem Cells
  • A Molecule That Determines If Antiestrogen Therapy-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells Live or Die
  • Interferon Regulatory Factor-1 signaling regulates the switch between autophagy and apoptosis to determine breast cancer cell fate
  • Sugary drinks linked to earlier onset of menstrual periods
  • Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and age at menarche in a prospective study of US girls
  • Comparative effectiveness of imaging modalities to determine metastatic breast cancer treatment response
  • Pathologic complete response rates in triple-negative, HER2-positive, and hormone receptor-positive breast cancers after anthracycline-free neoadjuvant chemotherapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel with or without trastuzumab
  • Endocrine sensitivity is decisive for patient outcome in small node-negative breast cancers (BC) (pT1a,b) - Results from the Munich Cancer Registry
  • Breast cancer incidence and mortality in a transitioning Chinese population: current and future trends
  • Validation of a Simple Screening Tool for Identifying Unmet Palliative Care Needs in Patients With Cancer
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness as predictor of cancer mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Schoolgirl comment points to antibiotics as new cancer treatments
  • Antibiotics that target mitochondria effectively eradicate cancer stem cells, across multiple tumor types: Treating cancer like an infectious disease
  • Researchers find potential anti-cancer use for anti-epilepsy drug
  • The sodium channel-blocking antiepileptic drug phenytoin inhibits breast tumour growth and metastasis
  • Acceptance and adherence to chemoprevention among women at increased risk of breast cancer
  • A constitutional predisposition to breast cancer-related lymphoedema and effect of axillary lymph node surgery on forearm muscle lymph flow
  • Do pathological parameters differ with regard to breast density and mode of detection in breast cancer? The Malm” Diet and Cancer Study
  • Screening tools for multidimensional health problems warranting a geriatric assessment in older cancer patients: an update on SIOG recommendations
  • Incidence and determinants of 1-month mortality after cancer-directed surgery
  • Hope for a cure and altruism are the main motives behind participation in phase 3 clinical cancer trials
  • Researchers open 'Pandora's box' of potential cancer biomarkers
  • The landscape of long noncoding RNAs in the human transcriptome
  • What do medical journalists think about cancer research?
  • How do medical journalists treat cancer-related issues?
  • California breast density law slow to have an impact: UC Davis research demonstrate need for more physician education
  • Impact of the California Breast Density Law on Primary Care Physicians
  • Some older cancer patients can avoid radiotherapy, study finds
  • Breast-conserving surgery with or without irradiation in women aged 65 years or older with early breast cancer (PRIME II): a randomised controlled trial
  • BMI and breast cancer prognosis benefit: Mammography screening reveals differences between normal weight and overweight women
  • Is there a role for locoregional surgery in stage IV breast cancer?
  • The role of ultrasound guided core biopsy of axillary nodes in predicting macrometastases and avoiding overtreatment outside ACOSOG Z0011 parameters
  • Psychological interventions for patients with cancer: psychological flexibility and the potential utility of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Testing the differential effects of symptom management interventions in cancer
  • Experiences of paradox: a qualitative analysis of living with cancer using a framework approach
  • Cooperation between cancer cells makes current therapies ineffective but also suggests new treatment
  • Heterogeneity for IGF-II production maintained by public goods dynamics in neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer

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