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BCN News Articles for: December 22, 2014

  • Male and female breast cancers are not identical
  • SABCS 2014: ABSTRACT #[S6-05: Characterization of male breast cancer: First results of the EORTC10085/TBCRC/BIG/NABCG International Male BC Program
  • German breast group study: Superior activity for nab-paclitaxel in early breast cancer
  • SABCS 2014: ABSTRACT #PD2-6: A randomized phase III trial comparing neoadjuvant chemotherapy with weekly nanoparticle-based paclitaxel with solvent-based paclitaxel followed by anthracyline/cyclophosphamide for patients with early breast cancer (GeparSepto); GBG 69
  • Two drugs before surgery help women with triple-negative breast cancer
  • Immune function marker does not predict benefit of trastuzumab in HER-2+ breast cancer
  • Patients' sense of support within the family in the palliative care context: what are the influencing factors?
  • `Knowledge is power': perceived needs and preferred services of male partners of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Patient navigation moderates emotion and information demands of cancer treatment: a qualitative analysis
  • The dyadic effects of coping and resilience on psychological distress for cancer survivor couples
  • Vessel research offers new direction to study how cancer spreads
  • The Left-Right Pitx2 Pathway Drives Organ-Specific Arterial and Lymphatic Development in the Intestine

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